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Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal oxidizers
are a class of pollution control devices that use the combustion process to destroy volatile organic compounds (voc) and hydrogen sulphide, hence they are sometimes called afterburners, fume incinerators or tail gas incinerators.

gasco thermal oxidizers include:
* straight thermal oxidizers with or without heat recovery
* recuperative thermal oxidizer
* catalytic thermal oxidizer
* regenerative thermal oxidizer rto
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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

One of todays most widely accepted air pollution control technologies across industry is a regenerative thermal oxidizer, commonly referred to as a rto.

They are very versatile and extremely efficient heat recovery efficiency can reach 95%. This is achieved through the storage of heat by ceramic media. In some applications, the use of catalyst with the ceramic media helps allow oxidation at reduced temperatures resulting in even lower operating costs. regenerative thermal oxidizers are ideal in low voc concentrations and during long continuous operations.
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Water Bath Heaters

Water bath heaters are indirect fired type usually designed to api 12k, these devices are traditionally used to heat natural gas and oil.

water bath heaters can also be used for heating:
* crude oil
* vaporizing and superheating lpg & lng
* regeneration gas heating
* heat transfer fluids
* heat sensitive gas and fluids
* molten salt heaters direct fired reboilers
* amine reboilers
* teg reboilers
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Hot Oil Heaters

Gasco manufactures a range of hot oil heaters: 100kw to 7, 500kw gas fired, 25kw to 1500kw electric.
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Gas Conditioning Skids

We are offering gas conditioning skids.
Gasco designs, fabricates, commissions and services an extensive range of process skids for gas conditioning and oil treatment including:
* emergency shut down systems
* filter coalescers
* custody transfer metering with analysers
* hot water heaterhx gas heating
* water bath heaters api 12k
* pressure reduction stations
* black start heaters (electricsteamhot water)
* waste heat recovery for gas heating
* total gas conditioning systems for power
* stations a specialty
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Gasco together with our technology partner has supplied flares to the oil and gas, flares for petrochemicals, flares for terminals, flares for landfill and flares for sewage (biogas) industries.
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Waste Heat Recovery

Waste heat recovery systems reduce energy costs, provide carbon credits for emission trading systems and help the environment by reducing emissions.

our range of services includes:
* surveyanalysis of existing systems
* engineering
* hardware
* hot oil, hot water or steam distribution systems
* erection
* commissioning
* turnkey solution
* heat recovery steam generators hrsgs
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Pollution Equipment

We are offering pollution equipment.
Gasco is an agent for bionomic industries inc, one of the worlds most advanced clean air equipment suppliers.
Bionomics products range includes rota bed fluidized bed scrubber, scrubpac custom packaged scrubber systems, cyclo plus advanced cyclones counter current packaged tower, direct contact packed heat exchanger cross flow scrubbers venturi, tray, jet venturi, preformed spray scrubbers, hei wet electrostatic precipitator systems, nox scrubber solution.
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We are offering scrubbers, air pollution treatment systems are required to meet government and environmental codes, remove undesirable process byproducts and recover valuable waste products.
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