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Leadlight Glass Repair

Leadlight glass is a specialty craft. Repairing such a valuable asset is also a specialty craft. Archer glass has been repairing lead light glass for many years. Our staff are trained in the art of making sure that any glass replacement leaves the entire piece in the state it was intended by the original craftsman.

We do a leadlight repair service in that that we remove the leadlight panel, place a temporary piece of glass in your window, while the leadlight is away for repair, then, one s the leadlight has been repaired on the bench, we come back, swap it over and install your repaired leadlight. We also conduct a maintenance service to ensure your piece does not incur damage as a result of age and wear.
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Shower Screens

We supply and install shower screens. We can give an approximate price over the phone first on your approximate measurement and details.

Then we will come and do an exact measure of your bathroom and your shower screen is made to suit your bathroom. We don't carry any stock standard type shower screen because every screen is made to suit the particular bathroom it is going in to.

This is important for the quality and lifetime. If a wall runs out of plum, then the glass is cut out of plum to suit so that it fits really nice and we can get a really good seal around it for the water.

We make framed, semi-frameless and frameless screens. They are all custom made and we and each one is designed to fit the particular bathroom it is going into.
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Commercial Window Tinting

If you are a small business or run a large corporation, it is of highest importance to reduce expenses and protect your bottom line. Have our window tint film installed on your office and you can start saving on energy costs, stay comfortable and productive in your own business.

Once we have installed it, you will find the benefits keep coming even after many years. We use only durable and long lasting window tint films.

Window Tint Films can improve your office:

protect against solar energy bringing comfort
provides safety from broken glass

protects against UV
provides impressive energy savings
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Entry Doors

At this time Archer Glass has put in many glass doors designed to create that unique feeling in your office or home. We install All our glass doors are supplied in single or double leaf configuration along with a great choice of lights and other features.

We supply and install quality hinged and pivot doors
All Doors and come with 12 month peace of mind guarantee
Almost any colour and design you would like
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Glass Splashbacks

We supply and install any type of glass splashbacks. You can choose any Dulux colour and ones you give us the code for the colour, then we will have the paint mixed and applied to the glass splashback for you.

Just remember you are then looking at it through the glass so it may be a little more glossy. A bright colour will use low iron glass so that you get the view of the true colour through the glass because their is no colour in the glass in itself.
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Obscure Glass

We carry a full range of obscure types of glass which you might use on your door or sidepanels for privacy or bathroom windows. If you are not sure which obscure glass you need to replace, go to our glass matching tool to help you choose the right obscure glass type.
Let us know which type you want and we cut it for you.

obscure glass
glass in doors
wardrobe glass
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At Archer Glass, we love louvres, we think they are some of the best windows you can get. Louvres are great for Queensland's climate for many reasons. Houses heat up fast in the summer so you can install electric air conditioning or you can use our louvre's to bring in a cool breeze. If you use timber or aluminum for summer, you can change to glass in the winter to bring in the sun warmth.

Modern technology makes it possible to put a thin layer of metallic oxideto on the glass, giving the glass insulation properties, helping your indoor climate.
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Energy Efficient Window Glass

Energy efficient glass is laminated or toughened safety glass and has got a coating on the surface of the glass helping to reduce the heat. This is a great choice for saving energy, boosts your star rating and provides the benefits of Grade A safety and increased fade control through almost complete elimination of UV transmittance.

Go to Viridian website to read more details about the energy efficient glass we install and recommend. There is a range of different types and they all serve a purpose. You can also call us and we can discuss the best possible energy efficient glass suitable for you.
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Archer Glass can provide you with the highest quality glass mirrors of all styles. Our Mirrors can be cut to any size for your bathroom, bedroom or living room. A great quality mirror gives your home the right light and comfort you need. Let us know where you would like a mirror and we give you the right advice.

A number of builders and contractors use our mirrors to give new and renovated houses more light and space.
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Table Tops

Our glass tabletops can be almost any shape and you can choose edging material if you need. They are all cut and polished making it safe to transport and use in your home. Please ask us for any special edging or cutting requirements you have and we are sure to help you.
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