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Optical Devices

We offer optical devices. Our lens grinding, aspherical plastic lens fabrication, aspherical glass lens fabrication and other capabilities make us one of the world leaders in optical technology and production scale that allow us to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
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Instant Photo Films

We offer various designs for instax mini and WIDE film.
In addition, original films such as character-based frame designs are also available in some countries.
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Fujifilm Vesicular Film

We are offering fujifilm vesicular film.
A sign reversing vesicular print film designed to make extremely high quality copies from source document originals.


fujifilm vesicular duplicating is a sign reversing non-silver film designed to make high contrast copies from com originals.
daylight handling
heat processing -no chemicals needed
manufactured to meet or exceed all a.n.s.i specifications pertaining to manufacturing and le100 image stability
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Microfilm And Industrial Film

Microfilm is ideal for preserving irreplaceable documents and pictures for future generations. Fujifilm microfilm solutions enable integration into digital information systems. Our global distribution network assures a steady supply of fresh microfilm products.
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Prescale Measurement Film

You can measure pressure, pressure distribution and balance. Fujifilms advanced technologies in color film manufacturing enabled to produce extremely thin and stable prescale to measure pressure.
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Heat Measurement Film

We offer heat measurement film. Heat measurement film enables anyone to measure pressure and heat distribution easily by just cutting to size and inserting as required. This fujifilm technology finds wide range of applications and measurement techniques.
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Wide Format Printing

We offer one of the widest ranges of inkjet printing systems, together with high performance inks and media, for a multitude of printing applications including the production of high quality pop, banners, graphic displays and signage.
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Screen Printing Services

With a fifty year legacy in the screen printing industry, fujifilm develops and manufactures high quality inks and consumables for graphic and industrial screen printing applications.
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We are manufacturing and supplying of various types of Cameras that are available at very nominal prices in the market.
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Industrial Products

Fujifilms imaging expertise goes far beyond photography. It ranges from the testing equipment using digital x-ray technology to find defects, prescale to enable visual confirmation of physical pressure, microfilm solutions for long-term archiving, to micro filters ensuring precise filtering with our proprietary microporous membranes.
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Digital Cameras

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of digital cameras at very reasonable prices.
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Fujifilm X100s

The Fujifilm X100s offers you ultimate image quality. Eliminating the optical low pass filter and employing the same original pixel array as the X-Pro1 are the keys to resolution rivaling a full-size sensor.
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Fujifilm Mini Pos Film

Fujifilm Mini Pos is a polarity reversing Silver Halide print film designed to make extremely high quality copies from source document originals.
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We are offering thermo scale.
A revolutionary new film that enables anyone to measure heat distribution easily by observing the variation in density and hue.
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Instant Photo System

The expressive richness of film wins the allegiance of many creative photographers even in the digital age. At Fujifilm we continue to enhance our popular film and camera products, building on more than seven decades of experience. With Instant Photo Systems, shoot and see the results printed right away.
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Cctv Lenses

We offer cctv lenses. A varied lineup of high precision cctv lenses made with the same technology used in broadcast tv lenses.
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Tv Lenses

We offer tv lenses. Wide product lineup ranging from the cine lenses to tv lenses for high-definition broadcasting, including sports broadcasting
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Textile Printing Services

Our leading sericol textile ink range includes standard colours as well as special additives for producing a wide range of creative textile effects.
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Micro Filter

we offer Micro Filter. Precision filtering ensured with proprietary microporous membranes.
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Photographic Equipment

We provide photographic equipment at very resonable prices.our digital minilabs and other retail photo solutions bring you beautiful prints using environmentally friendly technology. Fujifilm's exclusive image intelligence makes sure your photos turn out the way you intended.
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