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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Almonds Roasted (Unsalted), Almonds Natural (Diced), Almonds Raw, Almonds Slivered (Blanch) and Almonds Sugared (Blue)

Almonds Roasted (unsalted)

We are offering Almonds Roasted (unsalted) Australian Roasted Almonds (unsalted) are a healthy, gluten-free snack that can be used in every meal. They taste great added to breakfast cereals and muesli, in salads, everyday cooking, baking and desserts.

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almond meal

Natural almond blanch (also known as almond flour) is a fantastic low carb, gluten free alternative to standard wheat flours. Having removed the skin of the almonds, helps contribute to its creamy rich colouring and delicious flavours. Almond meal is also incredibly high in protein, vitamin E that is great for lowering cholesterol and managing a healthy lifestyle.

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almond spread

The Nuts About Life Almond Spread has been developed to generate a positive intake of almond nutrients, ensuring a contribution towards proper nerve functioning, nerve transmission and correct muscular and glandular activity. Almonds are an excellent source of calcium and magnesium and are incredibly beneficial for the health of the heart.

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Almonds Flaked (thin)

We are offering almonds flaked (thin). These delicious fresh regular cut flaked almonds are the perfect ingredient to all baking needs. They can easily be combined into delicious cakes, mueslis, granolas, nut bars, fruit and nut slices, pies, tarts, breads and cookies. Offering a yummy crunchy bite and delicious taste makes these nuts incredibly popular amongst our aussie home bakers.

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Almonds Natural (diced)

We are offering diced natural almonds are the perfect addition to an array of dishes. They are great when combined into delicious baked goods such as cakes, muffins, cupcakes, pancakes, cookies, slices, pies, and tarts and are fantastic when sprinkled over yoghurt or ice cream.

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Almonds Raw

We are offering almonds raw. These delicious natural raw almonds are seriously addictive! offering a wonderfully crunchy bite and yummy fresh taste, have made them one of australia’s most loved nuts. They are the perfect snack that can be easily enjoyed throughout the day and are a fantastic ingredient to an array of dishes.

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Almonds Slivered (Blanch)

We are offering almonds slivered (blanch). These delicious fresh slivered almonds are the perfect ingredient to all baking needs. They can easily be combined into delicious cakes, mueslis, granolas, nut bars, fruit and nut slices, pies, tarts, breads and cookies.

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Almonds Sugared (Blue)

We are offering almonds sugared (blue). These delicious coloured almonds are roasted and then gently coated in an extra fine beautiful blue colour, that not only look great, but taste great too! they are the prefect sweet for all occasions and are particularly favored amongst wedding celebrations, baby showers and lolly buffets.

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Buckwheat Kernels

we are offering Buckwheat Kernels, Raw buckwheat kernels are a crunchy and nutritious powerhouse that contains extraordinary, high amounts of protein, potassium and phosphorus and up to 50% more vitamin B then wheat…WOW! There is no wonder why Oprah called this delicious kernel a Superfood.

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Figs Organic

We are offering figs organic. Our delicious 100% certified organic whole dried figs are absolutely divine, moist and succulent helps give this delicious fruit its popularity amongst us, aussies. These are beautifully sweet and always fresh, making them easily enjoyable on their own or perfect for an array of delicious meals.

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