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Pet Doors

Owning a pet can be a little challenging at times, especially when your favourite little furry friend has an accident inside the house. The addition of a pet door can alleviate this problem by providing outside access for your cat or dog. Valiant supply and install pet doors in glass panels to give your pet the freedom to come in or out at their leisure. There are many types of pet doors available, however we use top quality slimline clear pet doors that fit into glass panels, which are less noticeable. Another benefit of these pet doors is that they can be locked to prevent exit or entrance depending on the time of day or whether you are home or not.
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Bathroom Mirrors

Apart from being an essential inclusion in any bathroom a mirror can offer more than a simple reflection. Mirrors are available in many shapes and sizes that will fit into the design of any bathroom and provide a feature that will complete your room. Custom made Valiant mirrors provide the most impact by transforming your bathroom into a beautiful and elegant space. In keeping with current design trends a majority of our mirrors are completely frameless, which contributes to the illusion of space in any application.
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Bifold Doors

Due to the open plan effect Bifold doors offer they have become a popular inclusion in current designs for home, units, shops and restaurants. The main benefit of bifold systems is that they provide a wide opening, which offers easy access and also allows light and air to flow throughout your premises. The most common materials used to manufacturer bifold doors are aluminium and glass, which combine to present a contemporary alternative to standard door systems. As glass and glazing experts, Valiant provides glass replacement services for bifold doors in all types of properties. There are many varieties of bifold doors, however Valiants staff are fully qualified glaziers who are familiar with all glazing systems for this type of application.
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Decorative Mirrors

Besides the basic function of mirrors to provide reflection, many interior designers have discovered the value of including decorative mirrors in their designs. Decorative mirrors will give an illusion of space, which can instantly add value to any property. Traditional areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms require mirrors, however mirrors can be used in many other creative ways. The perfect decorative mirror becomes a feature of your room and blends seamlessly into its surroundings. The majority of our decorative mirrors are of frameless design and provide an unobtrusive installation, which will complement your home or business.
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Soundproof Windows

There are many types of noise pollution that have an impact on the community including aircraft noise, traffic noise, industrial machinery, power tools, or even the innocent sounds of children playing. The frequency of such noises determines the impact they will have on occupants of both commercial and domestic buildings. Brick or concrete walls offer superior resistance to sound, however buildings require glass to allow natural light to penetrate inside whilst also adding to a buildings visual appeal. Recent improvements in noise reduction products have enhanced the acoustic performance of glass whilst retaining the benefits required for modern architecture. The foremost contributor to better noise control is laminated glass and insulated glass units and in some cases a combination of the two.
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Mirror Doors

There are many types of mirror doors available for use in domestic or commercial applications. One of the most common types is sliding wardrobe mirror doors, which are used to enclose one side of a bedroom to provide closet space. Mirrors can also be adhered to existing doors to brighten up a room and make it look larger whilst also providing the basic function of a mirror, a reflection. At Valiant we are glass specialists and in general dont supply timber doors or aluminium framing systems, however we do install the glass for these situations.
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Window Repairs Service

Glass is a dangerous product and must treated with respect and therefore we advise that you do not try to remove any glass prior to our glazier visiting your site. Some types of glass such as laminated or toughened safety glass are safer to handle, however annealed or float glass can be very dangerous. The breaking characteristic of non safety glass products tends to present knife like shards that are razor sharp, which can easily cut through skin, muscle tissue and tendons. A trained professional should carry out this type repair to prevent these types of injuries.
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Window Replacement Service

Window replacement can be required in many situations including replacement of broken or scratched glass, changing the style of glass or even to upgrade to safety glass. Valiant offers a fast and reliable window glass replacement service throughout Sydney for either domestic or commercial premises. Many window replacements are required as soon as possible because they present a danger or security risk therefore our emergency glass service is required to resolve these situations. A specially designed fleet of custom glass carrying vehicles, which are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, ensures your job can be completed in the fastest possible time to minimise any inconvenience.
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Glass Replacement Service

Our comprehensive range of glass combined with our fleet of special glass carrying vehicles allows us to provide a fast and efficient glass replacement service. We provide a highly responsive service that caters for the emergency replacement needs of our clients ensuring safety and security for your premises. Common glass replacement services include window replacement, glass door replacement, shopfront glass replacement and many other types of glass found in homes or businesses. Our services include: Glass ReplacementWindow ReplacementGlass Insurance Claims
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Glass Repairs Service

In most cases glass panels in buildings are unable to be repaired and therefore must be replaced with new glass. We have built a reputation as a market leader in the sydney glass repair industry by offering a reliable service for homeowners and large corporate clients. Same day service and fast turnaround times guarantee your glass repairs are carried out with the minimum of fuss. Our services include: glass repairwindow repairsdoor glass repairs
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Glass Installation Service

Our glass installations comply with the strict requirements of the Australian Standard AS1288 and are carried out by highly trained qualified glaziers. The main types of glass installations performed by our staff include commercial and domestic glazing, bathroom mirrors, wall mirrors, splashbacks, shower screens and balustrades. In general our staff can install any glass required for your new or renovated premises. Our services include: Bathroom MirrorsGlass Table TopsMirrors SydneyDoggy DoorsCat Doors
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Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are manufactured to slide either vertically or horizontally depending on the style of window. They are available in either aluminium or timber frame construction to suit the individual requirements of any home or business. All sliding glazing systems vary in some way and without an extensive knowledge of how they work replacing the glass in these types of frames can be difficult. Due to Valiants 35 years history in the glass and glazing industry our staff are experienced in working with almost every type of framing systems. The benefit of this knowledge is that we can provide a professional, fast and reliable service to satisfy your needs.
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Timber Sliding Windows

Traditional sash style timber windows are very common throughout the older Sydney suburbs like the CBD, Eastern Surburbs, North Shore, Inner West and South Sydney. There are varying styles of sash windows requiring a different approach in each situation to perform a successful glass repair or replacement. Sash windows consist of a counter balance system that control the way the sashes operate and therefore require an experienced tradesman to work on such types of windows. In addition to this a majority of timber frames require the delicate replacement of glazing putty which takes many years to master.
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Aluminium Sliding Windows

Aluminium windows are more commonly found in the new areas of Sydney, new buildings or premises that have been renovated. These types of frames have become very popular because they are low maintenance and offer a long lasting modern style. Horizontal sliding aluminium windows are widely used in homes and offices however in recent times double hung sashes have proven to be a great alternative. Each of these styles of windows have their own individual techniques required to carry out glass replacement and therefore our experienced glaziers are well equipped to handle any of these sliding systems.
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Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are one of the most popular types of windows used in the Australian housing industry. They are available in many styles including fixtures, sliding, double hung, awning and casement windows. Due to the wide range of aluminium windows that are available it is necessary to have your glass replaced by a fully qualified glazier who is familiar with both old and new designs. Valiants glaziers regularly work on all the major window manufacturers glazing systems therefore this guarantees your glass will be replaced to its original state. Being closely aligned with the window manufacturing industry Valiant is up to date with all developments and new technologies, which influence the way glass is installed in todays modern window frames.
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Laminated Glass

In addition to the safety benefits of laminated glass its PVB interlayer provides an excellent barrier against noise. A combination of different types of glass and interlayer are available to satisfy the sound dampening requirements for each particular application. Although standard laminated products offer good soundproofing qualities, specially designed laminates have been introduced which go well beyond previous levels.
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